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Tip o' the beadtool to The Jade Dog for suggesting I do this. It's a great way to organize one's ideas and chart one's progress. And it's yet another thing to eat away at precious beading time. But I digress.

Last night I was working on this bracelet - it's a variation of the Russian coraling technique sometimes referred to as terry stitch. It was getting pretty late. I was having some misgivings about the composition of the piece. So I'm trying to attach the clasp and it is just giving me fits. I felt like my hands were all thumbs. I'd been working at the bookstore longer hours than I'm used to and fighting a pretty fierce cold. The jump rings kept slipping out of my fingers, the pliers kept pinching my hand. I kept sitting back, looking at the piece. It just wasn't working for me on some level. Things resolved themselves in spite of me. I heard a crunch.

A fine spray of black glass dust showered the work surface. I rolled everything up and stuffed it away until this morning. I looked at it all again and knew what was wrong. The stone in the center - a gorgeous piece of agate - is all wrong for this technique. The whole piece is now being re-worked as an embroidered cuff. There now. I feel better.

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