There I Go Again.

Another bracelet.

*EDIT: Another broken link was here - and again, I have no idea what I had here. 4/29/07*

I make so many of them, I suppose, because it's what I wear the most. I never wear chokers, though I've made a few on consignment. It's like wearing a turtleneck, I guess, and I do wear those when it's really cold - but I once heard a comedian remark that wearing a turtleneck was like being strangled by a really weak guy. All day long. That's how I feel about chokers. Necklaces aren't practical for me on a daily basis, neither are rings - but bracelets as everyday art to wear work very well.

Here's another Peek Into My Past:

This was my favorite of the Earth Goddess pieces. I love the warmth of it. Earth tones and sun colors are my favorite palette to work with.

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