One Third of the Way to Goal!

With this entry. I've spent the morning working on the bead crochet rope thingie - and may get a chance to finish it tonight. Unless I get distracted by other shiny objects.

I still feel like a raw beginner at this Etsy stuff. I've been reading some of the forums, a few entries every night, and I'm constantly learning. I had no idea how people get to put up their 'curated' lists on the Treasury until yesterday. And I had no idea how to know if something of mine had been selected. It pays to read ALL the FAQ's. I see that now.

So what's rising to the top in the Old Glories file?

This was part of my "Oooooo Spring" series. It's done in the terry stitch on a netted base, accented with modified Russian Leaves and a few bits and bobs. Actually, the day it sold I had intended to take it out of the case that afternoon for myself. Ah me.

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  1. I like the colors in that bracelet. Pretty.


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