Number Nine

Yes, you guessed it - another bracelet - but this time a combination of bead crochet and wire wrapping. I love this technique so much. It lets me show off a couple of the skills I've acquired along my learning journey. In the description, I mention this incredible book:

An invaluable reference and source of inspiration - I can't recommend it highly enough.

I've set the bead embroidery piece aside for a bit while I get something else out of my system - I'm doing a sort of bead crochet rope in pieces to refashion a necklace I made a few years ago - the one I mentioned in a previous post. Sometimes I fall in love with a technique or a color and I become obsessed. And yet, I'm fickle. Right now, the work table has two jewelry projects going, but I also have two sculptural pieces in the wings - one is a sea sprite doll, the other a dragon. I also have a knitting project that MUST be done soon - a baby blanket for my first grandchild, who will make his debut in the world any day now.

What's in the Moldy Oldie folder today? Shall we peek?

Ain't it a doozie? This damned thing is MASSIVE. And heavy. I found the stone down by the Rio Grande about 7 years ago. I mounted it on a piece of suede and worked the band with one of my proprietary bead mixes in five-drop peyote. I came across a strand of distressed flat wooden beads in a pottery shop, of all places, and used one for the button closure. Because the stone is so heavy, the button wasn't quite up to the task, so I added two hook-and-eye clasps to help. I had it up for sale for a while, but found I just couldn't part with it.

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