Mondays Are Gonna Be A Problem All Right

But I managed to get my latest piece finished and posted today.

Yesterday, Asa and I went walking up the street to the magazine shop, where I picked up a French magazine called "Maisons Cote Sud." It was LOADED with great pictures and fresh color combinations. So today I got to my favorite seed bead store here in Albuquerque - Poppy Field Beads - and loaded up with some very nice colors. Once we got home from all of our errands, I took some scans of a few pieces then set to reorganizing all my seed beads. I realized just as I thought I was finished that there are still a BUNCH more lurking in some drawers in our storage room. A little project for tomorrow.

About three years ago I had this wild desperate love for imperfect Indian glass. I made a series of these leaf-fringed spiral stitch bracelets. They sat in my gift case at the book store until August of this year, when all of them sold in the space of two weeks. The one pictured here was simply called "Gold Leaf Fringe."

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