I Think I've Got The Hang Of This Now.

Another item posted to Etsy today - and I just want to say how very much I love doing bead crochet. There's so much variation and textural interest to be found there. I just love it. I have a dismantled necklace of green seed beads I'm reworking into a crocheted rope choker - it started life as a multistrand braided affair but it just would not behave.

I had to abandon my multimedia art project idea. Inanimate objects, on the odd occasion, have an awful tendency to be willful. Such is my recent experience, at any rate.

I need to get back to work on the bead-embroidered cuff alluded to in Post The First. But hey - why not another peek into the Bygone Bijoux Box:

Click on the above for a wonderfully detailed jumbo sized pic. I made a series of six of these Earth Goddess chokers. I kept two for myself, sold two and decided to rework the other two into pin/pendant combos.

Back to work I suppose.

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