Finally. Something New posted to Etsy

*EDIT: I had a link posted to the item, but it's broken now, and I can't recall what I had here. I suppose I should check my other links while I'm at it. 4/29/07*

I hadn't posted anything new since mid-November. Which is not to say I haven't been making things - because I have. Lots of things. It's been a matter of getting decent scans, trying to get my digital camera to do what I would like it to, that sort of thing. I'm pulling things together and should be able to post something new every day for the next 30 days. I could be over-reaching, but I am nothing if not determined.

In my current passion for reorganizing, I found a folder of pictures of some things I've made that have sold but were never listed on Etsy. Some really lovely things, too.

I made this a few months ago as a commissioned piece for a cyberpal. She and her sisters all have very tiny wrists, and very different tastes and personalities. It was my job, based on her colorful descriptions, to concoct a bracelet for each of them. This one is called "Whose Woods These Are 1.0". I liked it so much, I made a second one, slightly different of course - which sold before I could take a picture. The main ingredients in this piece are smoky quartz and picture jasper chips, worked on a netted base of Japanese seed beads.

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  1. Those are new slate-y colors inthe background in the 460 series. I will look and see if there is a 460S, which I think would be the red color of which you speak. Not working today, so I'll get back to you tomorrow!



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