At last I've posted something on Etsy other than a bracelet. An amulet bag. I mention in my description that I made several of these amulet bags many years ago. The one I kept was made with primarily black matte seed beads with picasso jasper and silver heart charm accents. It's the pride of my personal stash, truth be told.

About five years ago, I made one all in golds and was wearing it during a book scouting expedition for my Other Job. It was in one of those temporary book warehouse sort of places that spring up just before the Christmas holidays - they deal mostly in overstock items and remaindered books. The woman who owned the inventory asked me if I'd like to work out some sort of trade - she got the amulet bag and I got over $200 worth of books! Since we both felt we got the best of the deal, I'd call that a success.

And now, another Blast from my Past:

Yosemite Stream. The clarity of the crystal chips reminded me of the beautifully crisp and cold rivulets, while the variety of greens in the peridot and tourmaline chips brought all those beautiful trees back to my mind, as well. Who says you can't go home again, at least in your idealized memories.

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