Am I Halfway There Yet?

Today's entry makes fifteen in a row!! I'm halfway to the goal!! WooHoo!

I link every morning to the Astronomy Picture of the Day - here - and my laptop sports a great Hubble photo of the Thor's Helmet Nebula. This is all background to the pieces I'm working on now - celestially inspired wristworks. We'll give the past a rest for a while, and I'll share my current workspace with you.
My design process on this piece goes something like this:
I start making an embroidered cuff, very dark but full of sparkling stars.
I've been reading about the Hubble telescope failing, and this prompts me to go back through the APOD archive.
I get this French magazine and come across a gorgeous ad for perfume - the colors hit me.
I get this inspired idea while at the laundromat, and start sketching what I want the wristwork to be.
And here's where we are now.

In the top left corner of the first photo you can see a tiny bundle on top of two plastic boxes. That's the embroidered band I was working on when I got this storm in my brain.

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