Updates! Updates!! Updates!!!

For the sake of argument, let's imagine my little online Etsy shop and its frantic studio clearance sale has crossed your mind and you asked yourself in an idle moment, "Hey - I wonder how that's going."

Play along and it will go by faster.

Well, pardner, it's going okay but I could sure use more eyeballs on the merchandise, so even if you're not in the market for quality, one-of-a-kind, beautiful beadwork at crazygreat superlow prices, you might know someone who is - so share the info! Link to me here or from my little corner of Etsy or from my Facebook page if you can, 'cause that would just be the bestest thing EVAR.

And thanks!! To everyone who's come by to gander and those folks what saw fit to buy a thing or three,


Now to show off what's still on the virtual shelves:



Cheers, and more later!


OnlyTwo Days Left!

My most fabulous bracelets are about to go away forever -

Now's the time to scoop these up! You will never see their like again!!

Ridiculously low prices on some intensely gorgeous beadwork, particularly the pink one - but I must make room!

And the final listings for the studio clearance are coming - this time it's necklaces!!

Edited To Add:
Just listed over on Etsy !!

More later, for sure.


Final Week!

This, the last week for these gorgeous, intricate, beaded art pieces starts now!

We shall not see their like again for many and many a day to come . . .

Click to Embiggen!

Dropping the prices on these is KILLING ME, but I just have to make room! My tiny house can only hold so much of the fabulous!

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your casual acquaintances - GO! LOOK! BUY!!


Studio Bracelet Sale!

The CrazyGreatness just goes on and on - and now it's time for the parade of bracelets!
It's totally nuts - $7.50 for a set of three???? Holy kittens!!

So go! Lookie! Buy sumpin!! Help me clean my drawers - so to speak.

More later!!


Dangly Bits!

That's right - it's time to sell all the 


And the crazygreat sale continues!!

(Sorry for overfilling the screen again - had to be done.)


Say Goodbye to the Good Buys!

Here they are, guys - all the pieces that are set to expire on 17 May and 20 May -

We shall not see their like again . . .

Sorry for overfilling the screen here - there's just so much to show! THIRTY-ONE listings at super BARGOON prices!  GO! SEE! BUY!!!!

Click on the picture to embiggen!!

Studio Clearance stuff will be listed next week - so stay tuned for new shiny bits and bobs!


Looking In A New Direction

The CrazyGreat Sale continues through June 14th; some items are disappearing in 10 days:


Around that same time, some NewOld* stuff will appear on the cyber shelves, at ridiculous LOWLOW prices, and with any luck, I'll get the studio cleaned out!

Etsy views have dwindled down to less than 10 a day. A little disheartening, but as they say - if folks can't see it, you can't sell it.

And all this clearance business is in aid of re-tooling the studio: it's my intention to devote more time and energy into doing the work that makes me happiest - creating beaded art pieces, and making couture doll clothing. I might have mentioned this before.

So . . . more later!

*NewOld: These are pieces that were made for specific art/craft shows/shops, personal pieces, experiments, and studio examples. Some have been up for sale online before, most have not, and some have never been for sale.