Studio Bracelet Sale!

The CrazyGreatness just goes on and on - and now it's time for the parade of bracelets!
It's totally nuts - $7.50 for a set of three???? Holy kittens!!

So go! Lookie! Buy sumpin!! Help me clean my drawers - so to speak.

More later!!


Dangly Bits!

That's right - it's time to sell all the 


And the crazygreat sale continues!!

(Sorry for overfilling the screen again - had to be done.)


Say Goodbye to the Good Buys!

Here they are, guys - all the pieces that are set to expire on 17 May and 20 May -

We shall not see their like again . . .

Sorry for overfilling the screen here - there's just so much to show! THIRTY-ONE listings at super BARGOON prices!  GO! SEE! BUY!!!!

Click on the picture to embiggen!!

Studio Clearance stuff will be listed next week - so stay tuned for new shiny bits and bobs!


Looking In A New Direction

The CrazyGreat Sale continues through June 14th; some items are disappearing in 10 days:


Around that same time, some NewOld* stuff will appear on the cyber shelves, at ridiculous LOWLOW prices, and with any luck, I'll get the studio cleaned out!

Etsy views have dwindled down to less than 10 a day. A little disheartening, but as they say - if folks can't see it, you can't sell it.

And all this clearance business is in aid of re-tooling the studio: it's my intention to devote more time and energy into doing the work that makes me happiest - creating beaded art pieces, and making couture doll clothing. I might have mentioned this before.

So . . . more later!

*NewOld: These are pieces that were made for specific art/craft shows/shops, personal pieces, experiments, and studio examples. Some have been up for sale online before, most have not, and some have never been for sale.


Say Goodbye!

to these gorgeous pendants!
These listings expire on the 12th - and once they fall off the cybershelves, they are gone for good, guys - and the CrazyGreat Clearance Sale continues!!

MJMullins Beadwork on Etsy!

(that's the link right ^^^^ there ^^^^)

More later!


CrazyGreat Sale Continues!

There's still plenty of stuff on the virtual shelves, but sales are picking up - so if there's anything here you've been thinking about, NOW IS THE TIME!!

Here are the updated pics of what's on hand in my Etsy shop, MJMullinsBeadwork :

The shop clearance stuff should be rolling out before the end of the month, so stay tuned!
More later!


Shop Wide Clearance Ends Soon! HUBBAHUBBA, People!!

As my listings expire in my Etsy shop, they will not be renewed! They will begin to disappear from the shop on April 14th, and the final listing expires 14 June - tell all your friends and family, neighbors near and far - seriously -


Here's some pictures of all the cool stuff I'm practically GIVING away:

Gosh, surely there's something here you just can't live without?
More later -