New Digs

I'm all moved in to my new home here in Nebraska, where the wind comes whistling 'cross the Platte.  I love it. My little house is everything I could have hoped for. It's still a work in progress; my storage area needs flooring, interior walls, ceiling, and electricity but once it's done I'll be able to fully unpack, and stop cartoonishly tripping over boxes and bags of things.

In the meantime I've reopened my Etsy shop, and I'm trying to understand how their new facelift for shops has changed anything. Mine still looks pretty much the same to me.

The move itself was fairly brutal to my old carcass - I have a collection of spectacular bruises, a very sore back, rubbery biceps, but most tragically the skin on my thumbs cracked and split and has made beadwork a serious challenge - even something as simple as odd count peyote is slow going and very tiring. However,  my compulsion is stronger than my common sense, so here's what I'm up to right now:

My fascination with 1.5mm cubes continues unabated, therefore there will be quite a bit more later.


Taking A Break

I was going to keep my Etsy shop open until the 25th, but recent events have overtaken me and I have decided to put things on hiatus until I've completed my relocation.

My cat, Montag, died last night, very unexpectedly and very suddenly. Asa and I rescued him Christmas of 1999; he was a source of delight and irritation, laughter, concern, and companionship for all this time.

I will miss him deeply. It will be a major adjustment, getting used to the silence, the absence of that other beating heart; preparing to relocate to a different climate and way of life in the bargain makes running an Etsy shop at the moment beyond my abilities.

I'll be taking a break from Embellishing the Runway as well, but I expect once I'm settled I'll attempt to catch up.

So there will be more - just much later.

Montag: b. unk 1999, d. 3-20-2016


Project Runway All-Stars Season 5 Episode 5

Won this week by Emily Payne - and YAY COLOR.

And my response - happy for color but limited on time, so earrings again.

I fell out of love with Project Runway several seasons ago, but I keep hoping for design inspiration. You can find it in a trash dump if you know how to look.

More episodes to come, so more later.


All Caught Up

Over on Facebook, I'm part of a small but mighty group called Embellishing the Runway. You may remember this from previous posts. Currently, we're trying to find inspiration from the winning designs of Project Runway All-Stars, Season 5. All of us were running behind, as we had completely forgotten the show had started airing. That having been said, I have to add that with the exception of the first episode, there really hasn't been all that much to draw on, inspiration-wise. AND this was a rush job, so . . . those are my excuses for the lack of style or interest here. 'Nuff said.

Episode Two; Winning Design by Sam Donovan -

 And my response: A lampwork glass pendant on a tubular peyote rope -

Episode Three (a teamwork challenge); winning designs by Alexander Pope and Asha Daniels -

And my response; two pair of Russian leaf earrings -

Episode Four; winning design by Sam Donovan - and honestly, I apologize in advance - this picture gave me nightmares. I'm not even kidding.

And my anemic response; a pair of earrings in black, white, and Ace bandage beige -

Let's hope the next challenge produces something actually inspiring that has nothing to do with black and white.

So. More later, eh?



From now until the 25th of March, I'm having a moving sale in my Etsy shop - prices on my embroidered treasure boxes and more labor-intensive bracelets have been slashed!

After the 25th, my shop will be on hiatus until I get settled in to my new digs. And I have no idea how long that will be. Let's hold a good thought and hope it won't take long.

and more later.


Project Runway All-Stars: HWGA

HWGA=Here We Go Again.

Once again the group I play with,  Embellishing the Runway, is off and running with the making, each week, of embellishments inspired by the winning look. This is now the 5th season of Project Runway All-Stars, and we all completely forgot it was going on, so we're three weeks' behind.

Here's the winner of the first challenge:
The winning design by Valerie Mayen

And my response:
If I'm going to catch up, I'll be making earrings and pendants.

I might just manage to do that over the weekend.  

Which would mean, of course, more later.


Stuff I Forgot About Selling Online

Decent pictures.

Solid descriptions.

It's surprising how much time just those two simple concepts can eat out of a day. I've spent the last three days photographing and listing a number of items for my Etsy shop.  So that I'll have time for other things, like beading, I've limited myself now to just listing 4 to 6 items a day.

I'm doing a little bit of everything right now - some bead crochet, bead embroidery, and making beaded beads.

I've been making these Chinese lantern beads for The Jade Dog in exchange for beading supplies. Works well for me. She sent me some really interesting vintage striped Czech seed beads - I was worried I'd get dizzy working with them, but I managed all right.  And they are fun to make.

I tried to download the Etsy phone/tablet app, "Sell On Etsy," for the purpose of putting up those "Shop Updates." Unfortunately for me, my phone and tablet cameras don't take very good pictures. And I have trouble texting more than a sentence, let alone type out an update on anything. It's a shame you can't post updates from your computer - I have a really decent camera, and I'm much more comfortable with a full-sized keyboard. Maybe that's one of their "soon to be" features.

I like the idea of the Shop Update.

Since that's kind of what this blog is.

More later.